Intel Processors For Business

Experience powerful performance and seamless computing for everyday tasks including collaboration, productivity and entertainment.  Using the latest Intel Intel  Core™ processors, your business will thrive in delivering service excellence to its clients, select a processor and device from the below that best meets your business requirements.  

Intel Core i3 Processors

Entry-level CPUs, like the Intel Core i3, are perfect for office PCs and can handle online multitasking with ease, helping you stay productive. These cost-effective processors are optimised to work with cloud based collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams. These processors come in dual or quad-core versions with up to eight threads and can be used for by business that do not require large amounts of local data processing. While they may not be the most powerful CPUs on the market, these CPUs are a great option for those who need a reliable processor for their day-to-day business activities.

Intel Core i5 Processors

As the mid-tier Intel Core processor, i5 models are great all-rounder CPUs.  For streamers, video editors, and content creators, the extra cores and threads will come in handy when multitasking between different programs. And for gamers, the clock speeds will help to eliminate any bottlenecks and result in a smoother gaming experience. So whether you're looking to create content or just want a great all-rounder CPU, the Intel Core i5 is a great choice.

Intel Core i7 Processors

Experience the latest technology in your own home with an Intel Core i7 laptop or PC. Eye-catching gaming consoles are perfect for hours of play, while 4K monitors give you extra USB ports to battle it out until that final blow is delivered! conventionally compact PCs have been designed from professional expectations and can easily handle processing tasks such as video editing, data processing and other multi-threaded activities.

Intel Core Processors For Business

Intel Core processors are the heart of many computers, from laptops to gaming PCs. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different performance levels to suit different needs. The latest generation of Intel Core processors delivers significant performance improvements, including up to 15% faster speeds and up to double the intelligence. Intel Core processors also offer enhanced security features, including hardware-based security that helps to protect your data from malware and viruses. In addition, Intel Core processors are designed to work with the latest technologies, including Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 Gen 2. Whether you’re a power user or a casual PC user, an Intel Core processor can help you get the most out of your PC.

Budget-Friendly, Entry Level Intel Core i3 Processors

The entry-level Intel Core i3 processors are a great choice for budget-conscious buyers who still want an excellent-performing processor. The Intel Core i3 processor is a great option for businesses that need affordability and efficiency. With four cores and a clock speed of 3.8 GHz, the i3 can handle regular business tasks with ease. It also comes with built-in security features to help protect your data. Intel Core i3 processors are also power-efficient, meaning they won’t drain your company’s budget on energy costs. Overall, the Core i3 is an excellent choice for businesses that need an affordable and reliable processor.

High-Performance, Energy-Efficient Intel Core i5 Processors

Intel Core i5 processors offer businesses a high-performance, energy-efficient option for their computing needs. With speeds of up to 3.5 GHz and the latest Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, Core i5 processors can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease. They also feature Intel HD Graphics for smooth video playback and superior visuals, and support for up to three independent displays. In addition, Core i5 processors are designed to help businesses save energy and money. With Intel Power-Optimised Cooling Technology, they can operate at lower temperatures, which reduces both energy consumption and operating costs. 

High-end Intel Core i7 For Industry-Leading CPU Performance

The latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors offers businesses a major boost in performance. With up to 18 cores and 36 threads, these processors can handle even the most demanding workloads. They also feature Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, which automatically raises the clock speed of the processor when needed. As a result, businesses can enjoy faster and more efficient operation, with reduced downtime and increased productivity. In addition, the new processors are fully compatible with existing Intel infrastructure, making upgrading to the latest technology easy and affordable. With so much to offer businesses, it is no wonder that the Intel Core i9 is quickly becoming the processor of choice for many organisations.

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