Carbon Neutral Computing

Over 160,000 laptops are disposed of each day, of these device, 70% can be re-used. For every new device that is built, a plethora of raw materials is required to be extracted from the earth, which needs to be separated and shaped for production. The devices construction process produces significant volumes of carbon dioxide and other harmful by-products.

What Does Carbon Neutral IT Mean?

Carbon neutral computing is the remanufacture of devices to factory new standards and is beyond traditional refurbishment. Each device is fully tested, upgraded, repaired and cosmetically finished to deliver the highest second-hand user products on the market. All devices are guaranteed by next day replacement warranty and the failure rates are akin to new device industry standards.

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Sequesting CO2 emissions

The 600kg (1320lb) of CO2 emissions are saved helping to compensate for the 'embodied' carbon emissions from each laptop's original manufacture and first three years of use

Water saving

Over 190,000 liters (50,000 gallons) of water is saved from being used for extraction, refining & production of a new computer and its components

CO2 Reduction

Approximately 316kg (700lb) of CO2 emissions are prevented by not buying new. for just 1,000 laptops, that's the same taking over 80 cars off the road for a year.

Reforestation partnerships

For every Circular Computing laptop sold, 5 trees are planted and, through our support of reforestation projects, we aim to plant 1.5 million trees by 2021 in the USA, India and Africa.

Resource preservation

By not buying new, you can preserve around 1,200kg (2645lb) valuable critical minerals and prevent the E-waste from the disposal of a laptop

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Carbon Neutral Devices cost only a fraction compared with new devices.
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